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English As a second language

Quick tour The English as a second language website is a starting point for ESL learners who want to study English through the web which includes examples on how to learn and speak English through games, podcasts, reading, writing, quizzes, lesson plans and translations. This website also provides several features to learn and improve your [...]


Fun with Facebook

Neal Chambers Twitter

Facebook is a monster! If you don't know what Facebook is, crawl out from under your rock and join the rest of the world.  There are now over 200 million Facebook users.  No joke, my 86 year old grandma has a profile.  I hope that if you are reading this you have one as well. [...]


Twitter Addiction Kills (Time)

twitter addiction

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been conducting a survey on Twitter use. I've also been talking and discussing Twitter use on the LinkedIn group devoted to Twitter use for educators. I've started to notice a common theme, Twitter addiction. People are having a hard time handling the massive flow of information that is [...]

what if

Mr.Maru: I'm tired. That was a long day at work!Sparky: Yeah, it's time to relax.Mr.Maru: I have some ice cream. Let's eat it.Sparky: Um, okay. Sure.Mr.Maru: Oh, no! There is no ice cream. Did you eat it?Sparky: Um, no. The cat did.Mr.Maru: Supposing the cat had eaten the ice cream, why is there a dog [...]


The students listen to a 5 minute article about the President of the United States and answer questions.


Do verb – dos and don’ts of the do verb

do verb negative sentences

Mr.Maru: What are you doing today? Sparky: Ikebana. It's Japanese flower arranging. Mr.Maru: I see. Don't you think that is a little feminine? Sparky: Not at all. I love doing the flower arranging. Flowers are beautiful. You want to try? Mr.Maru: I do like flowers. Sparky: See? It's fun.   When do we use the [...]


Stick to the shed-yul – Teacher Stumpers

I used to live in Portland before I moved to Japan. In Portland, I used to sell computers for a large computer maker. My co-worker was from England. Although he usually had an American accent, he would always ask   “Where is the shed-yul?”   "What is a shed-yul?" I thought. I was confused. He [...]


Echo Questions – You did what with a blog?

echo questions surprise

Mr.Maru: We're going to New York City Sparky! Sparky: We're going to what? Mr.Maru: New York City. It's going to be great! Sparky: I don't like big cities. Mr.Maru: But, we are going to see the Empire State Building. It was built in 411 days! Sparky: It was built in how long? Mr.Maru: 411 days! [...]


Future Perfect Tense – HeadsUpEnglish.com

Learn about how to use the future perfect tense in your writing and speech with simple examples and related printable, downloadable information. Learning to use the future perfect tense correctly will help writers convey their ideas about time and place more effectively.


Introducing a New Study Tool

esl studytools warmup

We are making a lot of changes here at Englishspark.com.  We are adding a lot of new ways to have fun studying English.  We are trying some new study tools.  I hope you like the latest addition to our lineup - mini lessons.  These are short lessons about a certain topic.  In the next few [...]