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Be vs. Get for passive voice


Mr.Maru: Sparky, you don't look so good. What happened? Sparky: I was rained on. Mr.Maru: That's not so bad. Sparky: But, I couldn't see where I was going. I was hit by a stroller. Mr.Maru: Well, you should be more careful. Sparky: Yeah, then I was pet by the kid in the stroller. Mr.Maru: Ahh, [...]


Teaching with Technology


Now days, there are lots of techniques to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering online tools and resources. Some say that teachers are unskilled in the application of technology in the classroom, I believe they are just uninformed. Thankfully, it is a relief to know that things have changed significantly over the [...]


A Sweet Tweet

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This is a top five list based on the most unique visits per month found on Compete.  There are tons more, but this should be enough to wet your whistle for the time being.   Twitpic This is the most used app for twitter. This application lets you share pics on your twitter account by [...]



Because you must walk before you can run you can’t start right off thinking in a language, especially when you must proceed at the relatively slow pace of the typical college course in a foreign language. You must prepare for thinking in English by translating foreign words into and from English. Only gradually can you [...]

article a the

Mr.Maru: What phone should I buy? Sparky: How about a Phony phone? They are great. Mr.Maru: Hmm, I think I'll get a Transonic phone. Sparky: That phone is really nice too. Phone makes life a lot easier. Mr.Maru: Phone? Sparky: Yeah, phone is an amazing tool. Mr.Maru: You mean, THE phone right? The phone is [...]


Simple Past Tense – Headsupenglish.com

This ESL lesson plan is about simple past tense. Remember that we can use quite a few tenses to talk about the past, but the simple past tense is the one we use most often. This kind of tense is used to talk about actions that happened at a specific time in the past. So, [...]


Build Your Network with Multiply.com

Another website has hitched a ride on the social-networking train. But this one puts a fresh and innovative spin on the mania with six degrees of separation. Multiply uses the web to collectively stitch a network of people you know and trust, without trying to increase the network with people you don't know. Instead, it [...]


How do you use the past progressive?

past progressive raining

Mr.Maru: Where were you yesterday? Sparky: I was at the house all day. Why? Mr.Maru: I called you at 1, but you didn't answer. Sparky: I took a bath at 1. Sorry! Mr.Maru: I called you again at 2 and you didn't answer. Sparky: Oh, I listened to some soothing music while doing Tai Chi. [...]


Medical Myths

This text contains a short reading about medical myths.  The students go through the text and answer the questions.  Then they discuss it.  It includes vocabulary exercises as well.  The vocabulary deals with medical terms e.g. diabetes, hiccups, acne, etc...


This ESL lesson plan is about building a replica human brain. This is a very interesting topic because modern technology nowadays is very influential to all kinds of industry and businesses. Breaking technology news like this topic simply proves that almost all impossible before are definitely possible now or maybe in the near future. This [...]