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What is the difference between inter- and intra-?


Sparky: Where is that video we made the other day?

Mr.Maru: It’s on the computer.

Sparky: I can’t find it, where did you put it?

Mr.Maru: It’s on the intranet hard drive.

Sparky: Um, is that on Google?

Mr.Maru: No, the intranet.

Sparky: I’m on the intranet, what website do I go to?

Mr.Maru: No, I mean the net inside the house, not between computers. That’s the internet.

Sparky: Oh, so, could you just show me?


What is the difference between intra- and inter-. These prefixes sound very similar, but they are very different. Let’s go over some examples and how to use these prefixes.

intra-differenceHow to use intra-

The prefix ‘intra’ means inside or within. We can see it in many words like intranet, a network inside a house or office building. Let’s look at some quick examples:

I played on an intramural volleyball team when I was in junior high school. (I played on a team that only played within my junior high school not other schools.)
I did an intra-company transfer to the sales department in Chicago. (I stayed within the company, but I transferred to the Chicago office.)

The prefix ‘intra’ is used with a variety of medical words. For example,

intracranial – within the skull
intravenous – inside the vein (the tube in the body that blood travels through)

The prefix ‘intro’ means almost the same thing ‘within or inwardly.’ It is used in a lot of words borrowed from latin like introspection (look inside yourself) and introduce (lead someone inside or personal side)

inter-differenceHow to use inter-

The prefix ‘inter’ means between or among. We can see it in many words like internet, a network of computers across the world. Let’s look at some quick examples:

The Olympics are an international sporting event. (The sports games are played between nations.)
This class is for intermediate students. (This class is for students in among the middle level.)




Do you think you understand? Let’s take a short quiz.


1) The boss needs to work on his _________ relationships. He isn’t very friendly with other employees.

A) intrapersonal

B) interpersonal


2) He became an ___________. He still works for a company, but he gets the freedom to work on his on projects.

A) intrapreneur

B) entrepreneur

C) interpreneur


3) An ________ translates one language into another language.

A) interpreter

B) intrapreter



1) – B) – ‘intrapersonal’ means within yourself.

2) – A) – ‘intrapreneur’ is a word for someone that acts as a entrepreneur inside a company.

3) – A) – An ‘interpreter’ is a person who translates one language into another language.


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